Why Do We Use Pure Water?

Achieves Best Reuslts

Using laboratory-grade pure water when window cleaning achieves the highest results. When windows are cleaned with pure water not only are the frames and sills cleaned but the windows stay cleaner for longer. How so? Carbon filters, reverse osmosis and de-ionising resin remove all chemicals and minerals from the water. Why does this help in cleaning windows?

Even the expensive water you might buy for drinking contains minerals, hence the name, mineral water! These minerals are invisible to the naked eye but you can see them when the water dries, for example, limestone in the shower or on the tap. The idea behind pure water in cleaning windows in simple. Remove all the minerals in the water and you won’t have remnants on your windows.

Window Cleaning Bristol Pure Water
window cleaning bristol magnet

Magnetic Water?

But there is more to it than that. The removal of minerals puts the water in an “unnatural” status, therefore the water is searching for minerals and attracts dirt like a magnet. For example on dirty windows removes and flushes dirt very fast. The result is ultra-clean windows without streaks.

Also, because detergent has not been used the windows are left in a state that doesn’t attract the dirt.  In traditional window cleaning with soap and a squeegee, an invisible sticky residue is left. So when dirt lands on the window it sticks. Often on windows that have been cleaned with pure water-dirt can simply slide off or blows away in the wind, thus keeping your windows cleaner for longer.

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