A Shimmering Success Story: How Stayclean Lends Sparkle to Unite the Union’s Windows!

Greetings, fellow Bristolians and Gloucesterites! You know, some buildings command your attention, not only because of their architectural brilliance but also because of their sparkling clean windows. And for us at Stayclean, taking care of those gleaming panes of glass is both a passion and a commitment. Today we want to share a dazzling success story about Unite the Union, one of our valued clients, with whom we’ve built a shining relationship.

Illuminating Unite the Union

Unite the Union is an influential organisation that stands up for workers’ rights. Working from beautiful, modern offices in the bustling urban centres of Bristol and Gloucester, Unite brings together more than 1.2 million members across various industries- a little-known fact that underscores the scale of its impact. These buildings are not just architectural marvels but also powerhouses representing unity and activism. Thus, maintaining a clear view for its impassioned members is crucial.


Rise and Shine, Unite!

When Unite the Union needed to keep their offices looking flawless and transparent to the world outside, they knew Stayclean was the team to call. Understanding their needs, our seasoned cleaners set up an efficient cleaning plan that ensured gleaming windows without impeding daily work.

Our team utilised all the best tools and techniques at our disposal– the shining star of which is our ground-breaking pure water cleaning system. We gently but firmly washed away every trace of dust and grime, letting all the natural light flood into Unite’s office spaces. As workers enjoyed an unobstructed view of Bristol and Gloucester’s cityscapes, onlookers couldn’t help but admire the spotless glass facades.

More Than Window Cleaning

Our work at Unite the Union is an example of our commitment to maintain the clarity and cleanliness of our clients’ premises. The gleaming windows, the organised work approach, and sincere dedication have etched an imprint of Stayclean’s service in the minds of Unite’s team. We’re proud to be their consistent and trusted choice for window cleaning services.

Reflecting views and values, we at Stayclean—Bristol’s friendly neighbourhood window cleaning service—are creating brighter workplaces one window at a time. Be it a monumental union building or a cosy house on your street, we’re here to make your glass surfaces twinkle a little brighter.