Residential Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning has long been popular in the U.K, but did you know that according to one survey there are more window cleaners in Bristol than any other city in the U.K. Getting your windows cleaned on a regular basis is important to maintain keep the overall look of your house fresh. Because we use pure water, your windows will not need to be cleaned more often than every 8 weeks.


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Residential Window Cleaning in Bristol

Because we invested in the water fed pole method early we have now developed the best method to clean residential windows. We also train all our window cleaners fully in this method, as a result, they are extremely efficient with the time it takes to clean your windows. As a result of this, we are able to keep the cost to clean your windows relatively low. The water fed pole method also makes sure that your frames are cleaned as well as the glass.

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Regular, Reliable & Trustworthy

We have earned the reputation of being regular, reliable and trustworthy. Many of our customers have even entrusted us with gate and garage keys to allow us access to clean their rear windows while they are not at home! We also clean the internal windows of many of our customers. We have many customers whose windows we have been cleaning since our inception. Some are now getting on in years, but recognize the need to keep the appearance of there house looking good by having their windows cleaned.

Our popularity has had an unusual effect! At the moment we are not able to cover the whole of Bristol for residential window cleaning. Presently we are only taking on new customers in the following postcodes: BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9, and Portishead. However, it is still worth your while calling us if you don’t live in one of these postcodes as we can pass you on to one of the many other trusted residential window cleaners in Bristol.

We have made it easy to make payments. We will not come and do collections at your house at any time, we recognise this is unnecessary. With the amount of “no cold caller” stickers, we see its clear the population of Bristol doesn’t want unnecessary callers at the door. As a result, online payments, cheques and go cardless are some of the payments we accept.

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