Internal Window Cleaning

Often when outside windows are cleaned it highlights the fact that the insides are also dirty! Therefore to maintain a clear view it is important to make sure that your inside windows are also clean.

We normally use traditional window cleaning methods when cleaning inside windows. However, there are sometimes situations that call for us to employ other window cleaning methods. For example, many buildings have high windows that are hard to reach. On occasions like these, we have poles that are similar to the water fed poles we use for external window cleaning. A fine mist of pure water is sprayed onto the window and then dried with a special microfiber pad.

High Rise Internal Window Cleaning

Another technology we use to access high rise internal windows are spider mewps. These are cherry pickers that collapse and are then are small enough to be driven through most doors. Once inside they can be expanded to give the operator access to clean the windows. This is especially useful when there are windows to clean that our poles cannot reach.

internal window cleaning using pads

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internal window cleaning

Internal window cleaning you can be confident in

We appreciate that letting someone into the inside of your property is completely different from letting someone work on the outside, so we take extra special care when working inside. If things need moving when cleaning your internal windows we will make sure that we put them back. We take care to cover up any areas that may get wet while carrying out the clean. We train all our window cleaners in people management and social skills. Because of this, you can be confident that if they have to interact with any member of your staff or residents they will be polite and respectful.

When cleaning commercial internal windows, we work with the client so that we can make the least disruption while cleaning. We appreciate that in offices it can be awkward having window cleaners inside during office hours so we often work earlier hours or after hours to ensure minimal disruption.