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Whether we like it or not people do “judge a book by its cover”. This is true of your business, school, hotel or any other type of building that you manage. If your windows are dirty people will draw  negative conclusions about the people or business behind them. On the other hand if the building or property looks pristine because you have a commercial window cleaning service in place then your potential clients will draw positive conclusions.

Stayclean should be your first choice when it comes to the commercial window cleaning of your office building. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best service possible. All our staff receive regular training, not only in the safest and best practices of window cleaning, but also in how to deal with customers and members of the public, so once again when we are on site you can rest assured we will represent you well.

All our vans our sign written and easily identifiable for security and safety. Also our staff our fully uniformed and where necessary where the appropriate personal protective equipment.  On the very rare occasion we have to use a sub-contractor we make sure they are bona-fide and pass our high standard of vetting.

Chas approved contractor Window Cleaning, Window Cleaners, Commercial window cleaners

Being a Chas approved contractor means that when it comes to health and safety we’ve got it covered. We Provide a full risk assessment and method statement with every new job that we take on.

CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) was created by experienced health and safety professionals in 1997 to improve health and safety standards across the UK.​

In partnership with the Association of London Government (ALG), CHAS was a key developer of the core criteria held in the Approved Code of Practice which supported the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (now recogonised as CDM 2015) and is a founder member of SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement). As one of the founders of third party accreditation they are not only a trusted advisor on health and safety compliance, they are an authority. They set industry bench​marks, provide assurance and reassurance.

Read more about health and safety.

Experience and reputation in Commercial Window Cleaning

We have been cleaning windows for well over 22 years. As such we have build up a wealth of experience that makes us highly qualified in window cleaning. We have many prominent business and private schools that have been using our services since we pioneered the reach and wash cleaning method in 2005. We have worked hard to build a reputation that we are proud of and you can rely on.

As you can read from our TESTIMONIALS we have many satisfied clients that have retained our services for over 12 years. Many of our clients have returned to us after going with a cheaper quote, only to be disappointed with the quality of work and professionalism.

Fully Insured

We have  up to £5m Employers and Public Liability Insurance cover, this means you need not worry about any accidents that are unlikely to occur.

Reach and Wash Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning
We were on of the first companies in the south we to adopt the Reach and Wash and Water Fed Pole method for commercial window cleaning. . In 2005 the Health and Safety Executive introduced the “The Work at Height Regulations 2005”. This tightened up the use of ladders and made property owners and occupiers responsible to make sure that any work at height is carried out in a reasonable and responsible manner.

Its states : When planning and organising window cleaning you must avoid work at height where it is reasonably practicable to do so, for example by using telescopic water fed poles or cleaning windows from the inside.” 

With the use of water fed poles we are able to carry out commercial window cleaning at heights of up to 70 feet from the ground! All our poles come from Gardiner Pole Systems, award winning poles for their strength and quality.

Pure Water Commercial Window Cleaningpure water

Using laboratory grade pure water when window cleaning achieves the highest results. When windows are cleaned with pure water not only are the frames and sills cleaned but the windows stay cleaner for longer. How so? Carbon filters, reverse osmosis and de-ionising resin remove all chemicals and minerals from the water. Why does this help in cleaning windows?

Even the expensive water you might buy for drinking contains minerals, hence the name, mineral water! These minerals are invisible to the naked eye but you can see them when the water dries, for example limestone in the shower or on the tap. The idea behind pure water in cleaning windows in simple. Remove all the minerals in the water and you won’t have remnants on your windows.

Magnetic Water?

But there is more to it than that. The removal of minerals puts the water in an “unnatural” status, therefore the water is searching for minerals and attracts dirt like a magnet. For example on dirty windows removes and flushes dirt very fast. The result is ultra clean windows without streaks.

Also because no cleaning soap has been used the windows are left in a state that doesn’t attract the dirt.  In traditional window cleaning with soap and a squeegee a invisible sticky residue is left. So when dirt lands on the window it sticks. Often on windows that have been cleaned with pure water dirt can simply slide off or blows away in the wind, thus keeping your windows cleaner for longer.

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