Regular Window Cleaning: An Investment for Your Property’s Long Term Health?

Regular Window Cleaning: An Investment for Your Property’s Long Term Health?


Greetings, distinguished Bristol residents! We are the Stayclean team, your local, reliable providers of window cleaning and exterior services. We are faced with this recurring question from most homeowners and commercial property managers in our wonderful city: “Is it indeed beneficial to get windows cleaned regularly?”

While the answer may be quite simple for us, given our professional experience, let’s delve into a more in-depth understanding of why we advocate for regular window cleaning.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning

We all enjoy the inviting appeal of pristine, crystal-clear windows, but the advantages do not cease at appearances. Let’s explore the broader spectrum of why having your windows cleaned regularly is a viable investment for your residential or commercial property:

Amplifies Aesthetic Appeal

  • Clear windows amplify your property’s external appeal, be it a humble dwelling or a bustling business site. They serve as welcoming gestures to visitors, enhancing their first impression of your premises.

Boosts Longevity

  • Clean windows on a regular basis can notably extend the lifespan of your windows. It aids in combating the collection of corrosive substances that would otherwise gradually diminish your windows’ durability and efficacy.

An Economical Habit

  • Regular window cleaning can fend off potential damages and deter heightened maintenance costs in the future. Consider this a prudent step towards safeguarding your window investment for many years to come.

Clear Windows: Beyond Vanity, A Gateway to Well-being

Often overlooked, clean windows can play a significant role in enhancing mood and productivity. We’d like to shed light on this amusing facet of regular window cleaning:

Elevates Mood

  • Natural light has been deemed as an instant mood enhancer. Clean windows allow an abundance of sunlight to brighten your indoor environments, creating hospitable and engaging arenas for family or corporate bonding.

Enhances Productivity

  • Findings have indicated that natural light can spur productivity growth in the workplace. By permitting a greater flow of sunlight, clean windows become an unlikely ally in stimulating workplace motivation and efficiency.

By evaluating the factors above, it becomes increasingly clear that the answer to the question, “Is regular window cleaning worth it?” leans strongly towards an unequivocal “Yes!”

As every property is unique, we value your stories and insights on the subject. Remember, the Stayclean team stands prepared for any window cleaning, gutter maintenance, or exterior power washing needs you may have. We’re more than window cleaners – we are dedicated neighborhood experts invested in making your world a little brighter. Until our next interaction, here’s wishing you many clear and sun-drenched days, Bristol!

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How to Clean a Window with Bird Mess or Encrusted Egg: Step-by-Step Guide

Remove Egg on Window Glass

Dealing with bird mess or egg stains on a window can be a frustrating task. Follow these simple steps to effectively remove them:1. Assess the damage: If possible, perform a test patch on a lower level of the window to determine the best approach.

2. Prepare a cleaning solution: Dilute a ratio of 10 parts water to 1 part ClPowerzesteaner and Degreaser, such as Powerzest by the All Clean Group. If available, use warm water and mix it in a window cleaning backpack.

3. Start the cleaning process: Begin by agitating the glass using a water fed pole and the Powerzest mixture. This will cause foaming on the glass. Agitate until you notice some of the dirt starting to shift.

4. Allow the solution to soak: Leave the solution to soak on the window for 5-10 minutes.

5. Agitate for a second time: After the soaking period, agitate the glass again until all the dirt has started to loosen.

6. Rinse the window: Rinse off the suds by using the water fed pole and brush until the water runs clear.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 if necessary: If the window still shows signs of egg or bird mess, repeat the agitation and rinsing process until the desired cleanliness is achieved.

8. Final clean: Once the stains are removed, perform a final clean of the window using a water fed pole, as you would for a regular window cleaning.

For visual reference, you can watch the video demonstration at the bottom.

Remember, for professional assistance and reliable results, consider reaching out to our team at Stayclean Window Cleaning. We specialize in window cleaning and can tackle even the toughest messes, leaving your windows spotless and pristine.

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