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How to Clean a Window with Bird Mess or Encrusted Egg: Step-by-Step Guide

Remove Egg on Window Glass

Dealing with bird mess or egg stains on a window can be a frustrating task. Follow these simple steps to effectively remove them:1. Assess the damage: If possible, perform a test patch on a lower level of the window to determine the best approach.

2. Prepare a cleaning solution: Dilute a ratio of 10 parts water to 1 part ClPowerzesteaner and Degreaser, such as Powerzest by the All Clean Group. If available, use warm water and mix it in a window cleaning backpack.

3. Start the cleaning process: Begin by agitating the glass using a water fed pole and the Powerzest mixture. This will cause foaming on the glass. Agitate until you notice some of the dirt starting to shift.

4. Allow the solution to soak: Leave the solution to soak on the window for 5-10 minutes.

5. Agitate for a second time: After the soaking period, agitate the glass again until all the dirt has started to loosen.

6. Rinse the window: Rinse off the suds by using the water fed pole and brush until the water runs clear.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 if necessary: If the window still shows signs of egg or bird mess, repeat the agitation and rinsing process until the desired cleanliness is achieved.

8. Final clean: Once the stains are removed, perform a final clean of the window using a water fed pole, as you would for a regular window cleaning.

For visual reference, you can watch the video demonstration at the bottom.

Remember, for professional assistance and reliable results, consider reaching out to our team at Stayclean Window Cleaning. We specialize in window cleaning and can tackle even the toughest messes, leaving your windows spotless and pristine.

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Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Bristol – Stayclean

Commericial Window Cleaning

If you’re a business owner in Bristol, maintaining a clean and professional image is crucial. Sparkling windows that let natural light pour in and leave a lasting impression on your clients are essential. That’s why selecting the right commercial window cleaning service is vital for your business’s success.

Stayclean has been providing top-notch commercial window cleaning services in Bristol since 1996. With our wealth of experience, we understand the unique needs of businesses and commercial establishments, ensuring a first-class service every time.

Why Choose Stayclean for Commercial Window Cleaning?

Our team of experts is well-trained in both domestic and commercial window cleaning environments. Through frequent training, we ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and best practices. Not only are they skilled window cleaners, but they also prioritize excellent customer service.

Our Process for Commercial Window Cleaning in Bristol

When it comes to commercial window cleaning in Bristol, we follow a meticulous process to deliver exceptional results. Our window cleaning method utilizes pure water, eliminating the need for traditional drying techniques. Purified water, free from impurities and minerals, is fed through telescopic water-fed poles with soft bristle brushes. As our technicians scrub the glass, the pure water dissolves dirt and grime without leaving streaks or residue. Pure water naturally dries quickly, without the need for manual drying, resulting in spotless and streak-free windows. This efficient process ensures exceptional results and enhances the appearance of the property.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

Whether you have a small office space or a large commercial building, Stayclean is equipped to handle any size job. Our team has the necessary equipment and expertise to reach windows on any floor, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Experience the Stayclean Difference

When you choose Stayclean as your commercial window cleaning service in Bristol, you can expect:

  1. Unmatched expertise: With over two decades of experience, we know how to deliver exceptional results.
  2. Reliable service: We understand the importance of timeliness and professionalism, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.
  3. Safety first: Our team strictly adheres to safety protocols to protect both our employees and your property.
  4. Environmentally friendly approach: We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for you, your employees, and the environment.

Contact Stayclean for Commercial Window Cleaning in Bristol

Ready to experience the difference that Stayclean can make for your business? Contact us today to schedule your commercial window cleaning service in Bristol. Our friendly team is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Trust Stayclean for spotless and dazzling windows that will elevate your business’s professional image.

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