Established in 1997

Stayclean has always been a family run window cleaning business. Therefore our priority has always been customer service. Our first vehicle was an MK2 Red ford fiesta with a roof rack and ladders, but things have vastly moved on from there!

From the very beginning customer satisfaction has been our prime objective.

Because we are a local business, many of our clients are also our neighbours. This means that our reputation has grown throughout the city. We started very locally in Stoke Bishop, Sea Mills and Westbury-on-Trym but we now do commercial window cleaning throughout the City of Bristol and are now gradually expanding into the City of Bath.

In 2005 we were one of the first window cleaners in Bristol to start to use the pure water cleaning method.
We had to convince our existing customers to this new method, but after the first clean they didn’t need much convincing!

In 2006, it was clear that with the new heights we could reach using water fed poles, the commercial market was now open to us in a way that was never before an option for us.

At Stayclean Window Cleaning we have specialised in commercial window cleaning since 2006.
We have a number of prestigious clients thought Bristol that has been with us from the early days, to name a few, the private Badminton School, The Point Management on the Harbour Side, and Hilton Gardens.

In Bristol, we have a number of unique buildings that require a bespoke service and we are always happy to come and look at any job and discuss your commercial window cleaning needs free of charge.

Because we have been in the industry so long we can offer a realistic quote.
We are often told by our clients that they initially had a cheaper window cleaner but they stopped coming. Often the reason for this is that they put in a cheap price to get the work but soon realise they have under quoted and prioritise better-paid jobs. The other end of the scale is that inexperienced window cleaners take longer and therefore charge more to get the job done. Because we have so many clients and so much experience we can always offer a realistic quote.


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      No. For commercial window cleaning, we just ask for an email accepting our quote and terms. If you require a contract we do provide them. We also will provide the purchase order number on the invoice if this is required.

      This is because we use the ladder-less window cleaning method. We use water fed poles using pure water. When the water dries there are no streaks left and as a result, the windows stay cleaner for longer.  Occasionally on a first time clean, there may be some “spotting”. If this is the case and you are not happy we will come back free of charge until you are satisfied.

      Rarely. Because of health and safety regulations, we are required to use a reasonable alternative to working at height if possible. In most cases, the water fed pole system is the reasonable alternative we use. On some occasions, we need to use ladders for access, but we will always carry out a full risk assessment and method statement if we have to use ladders.

      If you are a residential customer click here for details. For commercial customers, we provide payment details on the invoice. Most pay us by BACS or Cheque.

      The frequency of the clean will depend on how much time is needed to get the windows cleaned to our high cleaning standards. For example, an initial clean can often take twice as long as windows that are cleaned regularly. Pollution, cobwebs and other dirt will have built up over time and require more effort to remove. On the other hand, if your windows are cleaned regularly then this build-up is reduced and less time is required to clean the windows. We generally recommend having your windows cleaned every 8 weeks to keep your windows looking there best.

      Yes we have £10,000,000 public liability insurance. If you need to see a copy of our cover please send us an email.

      StayClean are Window Cleaners based in Bristol

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      • Avatar Suzanne Johnson ★★★★★ a year ago
        Despite the fowl weather this morning Stayclean turned up as promised and did a thorough job
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        fantastic job, it was luke who cleaned my windows, but its jay that runs it. a great service
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